R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



Chapter 3.5 ~ O u t s i d e  t h e  b a t t l e m e n t s



Today everything happened in and around the pigsty...

As a kid, I got this Track Maintenance Shed kit on my birthday.




Although it served as a whole on my dad's layout for many years, I only use the small extension in the back now.

Good enough for... a pigsty!



This is how it looked around 2006



Lasur both on pigs and pigsty.








One birch tree grew right through the roof of the pigsty... 





A birch tree will be planted right next to the path up hill. The curvature in this path gives a nice alternation!




I had this meadow in mind ever since I bought myself this 'Jägerstand', a raised hide.






Meanwhile, some vegetation was brought to the little meadow downhill...





The pasture in the east now has a border of weeds and scrub.

I sort of follow the same procedure as I did with the meadows in the west.







The next day, in bright daylight and the glue dried... 






When you get the hang of it, you won't stop!



The meadow - previously called 'Waldweide' - somehow annoyed me all the time.

So, after 11 months I decided to do a make-over today.

Even the forest behind the castle, in the utmost eastern corner - which was the very first forest of the 2019 renovation - will be redone in some days!



But first, new 'soil' was sieved with pure natural materials taken from the forest.



10.2.2020 ~ yesterday's look at night...


My main goal for today is to add more vegetation on the eastern slope, into the forest edge.

Second, 'Waldweide' will be renewed in the same way as I created the stork meadow behind the station.

And finally, I want to have a last glimpse on the meadow opposite the castle.




A new turf as layer and a sandy path close to the fence.






Sometimes sudden and simple ideas are the best. Like putting a solitary tree in the middle of the field.





The meadow gets some deer, small bushes in the grass and more trees around...






In the morning and...



... in the afternoon.



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