R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



Chapter 3.4 ~ C a s t l e  V e g e t a t i o n




After several weeks of renovation of rooftops and walls, it's time to look at the rocky part below the castle... 


As it was, although now stripped of all dusty vegetation



The famous white glue layer...



...and here we go.

Someway it always differs from the last time...





 The path to the castle is also being tackled... 




There is a valley on the east side of the castle.

I would like to add a lot of vegetation here, but the view of the castle should not be obstructed too much by tall trees.

I started with planting a small meadow opposite the piggery with a path in between.

Odd enough there was a sort ditch right next to the bridge, crossing the path.

I filled it with small stones, thus drawing a certain line with the fosse.

The chains of the drawbridge are in the right position now.







Then it was the turn of the front...






And finally, the right side at the top...








The tree at the front largely makes or breaks the perspective...






Today I focused on the valley in front and at the right side of the castle.

 In daylight I started with this view...






While working with artificial light in the evening, the rocky ground on the outside premise is next for a new layer of vegetation.










After drying overnight ...



... comes a new day with two of my best friends: the brush and glue pot!




Last night's idea of planting the triple birch tree on the small hill above the pigsty was realized today.

As an extension thereof the planting of bushes and another tree near the tower followed.







Over 40 years the only damage that hit my castle was one of the tiny flags.

It was positioned in the middle of the roof, covering the castle's defensive wall.

Out of the box with remnants, I picked this ornament as a replacement.





The small yellow meadow got its bushes.

After finishing this valley, the forest will be planted on the very edge of the layout,

both concluding the forest and including the castle! 


At this point of the Renovation Proces, a video of the Cochemer Burg was released on 0202|2020


Frits Osterthun 19.3.2020

Last update: 17.2.2023