R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



Chapter 3.2 ~ C o c h e m e r  B u r g

(January 10-11, 2020)


Working on the Waterfall I am approaching the castle at the right side of the layout.  



Since I gave the walls certain upgrading some years ago - that is to say: black jointings with yellow stones -

I had the idea that the walls look rather dull these days, like on the next two pictures:





So... I all gave them a fine white dry brush stroke and behold... a fresh look appeared.




And as it goes, while standing before the layout and doing some contemplation one evening,

it suddenly struck me that the light grey roofs made the whole castle look even the duller.


With a contrasting green black forest in the background and these freshly painted white-greyish walls, I felt something was missing.

And all of a sudden - as if struck by lightning - the idea hit me! 

Like the Castle of Sleeping Beauty in De Efteling, similar to the roof of my very own station in the valley,

the castle needs amaranth red roof tiles.



The one and only Castle of Sleeping Beauty, at De Efteling

11.7.2016 Frits Osterthun


And then there was... P A I N T !



I admit, it is quite an adventure with such dashing colours...

Nevertheless, the result is very convincing as you will see!



Only two parts of the roof can be removed. The rest is severely stuck.


I choose for Amarantha Red (Vallejo 70.829) as a base colour.


And this is what happened "in situ", step by step:







Anton Pieck would be enormously upset by seeing this bright colour scheme in such a romantic landscape, but...



... no worry: I'm sort of his pupil anyway!



It seemed that my lasur painting "in situ" was a little too cautious, since it lacks the dark hue of the main building's roof, top left.





So, I did it all over again! Whereas I forgot painting the little tiled roof at the right...



The transition from wood to stone is too strong!



So, these white stones gained a touch of lasur as well. Looks much better!

The tiles still need the touch of a dry white brush...



When the painting is done and the ruined tower finished, I will start with adding fresh vegetation all over the place.

I'm quite curious what the effect will be then!


And now all roof parts have been touched with a dry-white-brush. Most satisfying indeed!






While I was renovating the entire castle in 2006, by changing its basic form,

I then did not realize that the toilet (which in the old state was right on the outside wall) now suddenly hung exactly above the main entrance.


So, a practical solution was required...



And now with sewerage! 


Frits Osterthun 19.3.2020

Last update: 24.1.2023