R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



 Faller 120129




39.1 ~ The Idea 

While browsing the Faller catalog online, I stumbled across this Verladekran.

For years I have been looking for such a crane for Epoche 1, which fits on the platform with cattle loading. 




39.2 ~ Unboxing

(2 June 2023)




The box was rather small, the content not that much... only one rack.




39.3 ~ Painting

(21 June 2023)


I choose one colour for all parts, with only dry white to top it off.




39.4 ~ Construction

(20-21 June 2023)






39.5 ~ Positioning

(24 June 2023)





Frits Osterthun 3.7.2023

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