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Faller 130691



34.0 ~ The Idea

(Februari , 2023) 



With the release of new construction sets from Faller as separate kits derived from Schloss Bran,

my choice fell on both the Pulverturm (130825) and the Schildmauer, next to the two newly released kits of Wehrtürme and Walls.

A nice addition to the South Side of Schloss Cochem, so that, in my opinion, the Castle as a whole is more balanced.



34.1 ~ Unboxing, Painting and Constructing

(Februari 24-28 , 2023)



Needless to say, unpacking both kits took me back to the wonderful time two years ago when I started Schloss Bran.

With the experience of that time, I want to approach this even more professionally.



As with Bran's first Schildturm, it was obvious to build this one first, and then paint it,

to prevent color differences and to allow the parts to flow into each other beautifully and seamlessly.








When applying the inserts, it is important that you pay attention to the position of the joints.

 For stability, the standing joints are never above each other (as 'incorrectly' indicated in the circle, still unglued),

 but always (approximately) in the middle of the next brick (next to my index finger at the right).

The manual does not give any direction, so this is where experience and insight come into play.







L: 26.2.2023 | R: 1.3.2023


This version lacks the indication of the windows on the ground floor, as well as a chimney.

Fortunately, the Pulverturm has exactly the chimney (with 12 parts) intended for the Schildturm, which I will also use.




I had some Plumsklo's left from Bran's Schiltturm, which I now positioned on the outside of the southern Schiltturm.

The lintel in the center, just below the eaves, is an optical enhancement due to a slot under the eaves, necessary for Bran, but not here.

It is made from leftover and length-adjusted inserts.



Contrary to what was prescribed for this model, I added two chimneys, two latrines and the windows.

The model has also been adapted to be placed against the wall of Schloss Bran. 



34.2 ~ The Adjacent Wall ('Wehrgang')




Nowadays I already cut away some spray pieces before painting,

to prevent color differences or damage to the paint as far as possible.












This Schildmauer unexpectedly got a nice extension: the Torque Tower.

This story is told in Chapter 37.



Frits Osterthun © 28.2.2023

Last update: 3.5.2023