R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l ~ Part 2



2.4.1 ~ T h e  F o r s t h a u s  M e a d o w

(October 22, 2019)


At the right of the dirt road a second meadow is appearing, next to the Forsthaus. Let's call it the 'Forsthaus Meadow'.

I decided to also have a small strip of meadow grass right behind the cattle ramp and another larger one in the distance.

A path to the Forsthaus goes right through the field.


I plan to have the birch trees returned, be it new ones!

The other piece of meadow was cut as one, following the figuration of the slope and paths 




I n t e r m i s s i o n

Since Autumn has come, I decided to pick up leaves from my yard, put them in the blender and have them... H0-ish!

But first I make them dry - yet bug free as well! - in the microwave. 






And while doing so... the finest Intermission is... 

Nice motive for the ancient Dutch painters!



Now, let's get back to...


2.4.2 ~T h e  F o r s t h a u s  M e a d o w

(24 October 2019)


-->  There's a special report on The Making of the Forsthaus in July 2019   <--


I guess, you'll know the procedure by now:

* white glue (after spraying with a water-soap-alcohol mixture)

* earthen coating

* green ground vegetation

* bushes

* small fibre bushes at the edge of the meadow, some in the middle

* adjusting with details in grain and colour, everywhere...













Behind the Forsthaus, there's a small and steep footpath uphill.




The hill behind the meadow and Forsthaus will be covered with fir trees in the back and beech trees in the front.

As said earlier, the grass meadows will have some isles of birches in the middle, as far as they don't obstruct view and perspective to the rear.


To compare it with so many years back...




2.4.3 ~ T h e  F o r s t h a u s  F o r e s t

(November 1-3, 2019)


Various items were at my desk this weekend!


1. Some more weathering of the station was needed, as well as some stuff like crates and tons lying around.

The orange station roof got a layer of Lasurfarbe and some fine-tuning with white dry brushing...



2. Main item this weekend was the making of the Forest surrounding the Forest Lodge (aka Forsthaus).

A new box of Noch Fir trees was opened. That means, that every tree needed some 15 to 20 minutes hand labour

where I did some cutting and gluing with a topping of brownish dirt. 







From November 27-29, I continued working on the meadow and forest near the Forsthaus.










November 29th



Where the meadows are filled with small bushes, I was preparing the slope on the right side for extending the forest in a way as to embracing the Forsthaus.



Skewers for securing holes of the fir trees



Brown underground will serve as the basis.




Green vegetation on the still wet underground





Still don't know if I will use some more yellow grass on that little corner, or just leave it like that...



More and more it fits all together



A scene of sheer quietude and mere quiescence...


To continue 'growing a forest'... 



Between those two groups of trees, one has fallen down. Did lightning strike it...?



2.4.4 ~ S u r r o u n d i n g s

(November t, 2019)


Finishing the surrounding area around the Forsthaus with:

* a little piece of grass,

* some bushes,

* a connecting path alongside the cattle platform, etc...





In the meantime, the Forsthaus is all in all swallowed up by the forest... 







My idea of a black forest, some 25 years ago, is taking shape in an unforeseen way!

And... it's still not the end! 


Frits Osterthun 2019

Last update: 23.1.2023