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2.3 ~ H i n t e r l a n d  ~ a  M a t t e r  o f  P e r s p e c t i v e

(September 28, 2019)


Working on the Hinterland, I realized more than once that perspective is very - very! - important now.

Bush and tree that are fitting at the foreground are way too big in the distance, as it seems.

Therefor I opened another box and started to make new trees which look finer and will carry less vegetation.


Yea, my 5th box in the meantime...!



Always wondering what will come out of that square package this time. I was not disappointed...



Beech trees on the left...



... and - most wanted now! - birch trees on the right



Painting the trunks white, and then...






A triple birch tree at the left, and a tenfold (!) beech tree. Still the latter needs another branch for visual balance... (October 3, 2019)


The next morning...


This tree will replace one of my finest and the most central tree on the layout: the big oak tree right behind the station!

Remember this one?



Now that was 2002!


Another eye catcher might be this birch tree, made out of three elements.

This time - as an exception for this fine specimen - I used the remnant leaves that fell off from Heki Foliage (1676) for foliage...



The proof: less is indeed more!



October 3-4, 2019



The meadow behind the station - right in the middle of the layout - has become a barren piece of land after I stripped it of all its vegetation.

I sincerely feel sorry for the stork, who found green pastures in the past...



But today is her lucky day, for a change is at hand...



Sieving of new soil before I get to work... and here we go!



I carefully removed the stork, for I had the idea of continuing yellow grass field on this side of the fence









Adding bushes and small vegetation on the still wet ground




Another birch tree near the shack gives an even better perspective



Finally, a bush on top of the hill, next to the track and I guess it's in good harmony now.




Mr. and Mrs. Stork can look for frogs again...

Besides, since I am stripping the whole layout now, I had to remove the deer, as you know: Hirschsprung, Gleissprung at...




I think, they have a finer spot right here:


Love this scene!


By the way, talking about STRIPPNG

Monday 14th October 2019 was the day that I stripped


from the layout!

It did hurt a bit, since those trees reminded me of many pleasant hours.

Nevertheless, I know it will become even the more beautiful!









O U C H ! ! !



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