R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l 


2.2.1 ~ At the back of the Station

(September 23, 2019)







The station got some green stuff in the back, whereas the large flower box on the platform got new vegetation.



2.2.2 ~ L a m p p o s t



While searching through some boxes, I happened to find a spare lamp post...







2.2.3 ~ Forest and Field

(September 26, 2019)



Today it's this area's turn to have vegetation. Field and Forest!

But first some detailing...



The dark green bush against the wall needs berries to become a Firethorn (Pyracantha)...



... where a small bush adorns the wall near the signal house.

The lost downspout will be fixed too!

How so... d e t a i l ?




But now... on to the meadow! 



Although I thought foresting the whole hill side left of the station building, I observed that it might be too 'tree-ish'.

Space and perspective - the main principle of "less is more!" - is what matters!

Therefor I decided to create a meadow.



Testing view before glue!




As you know, under bushes and trees there's more brown than green




Three Conifers in the front (seen from the back) and a Birch tree in the middle for diversification





I consider a small foot path between grassland and fence.

Only one birch tree marks the corner of the field and hides a small 'miniature' in its shadow...




One small bush added at the fence can make a huge difference. At this moment I consider this the most cosy and enjoyable spot on my layout!

Needless to say, that the slope and meadow in the front are the next step to furnishing...

I consider to breaching the forest edge and meadow to come with a small slope of deadwood, fallen downhill from the fir tree above.




I also imagine to continue the yellow grass meadow at the right of the country road too,

forasmuch not obstructing a proper view on the track in the back.




2.2.4. ~ It's in the D e t a i l s


Since the ornaments on the pillars at the platform entrance are looking way too plastic, I considered to paint them in between...

They were removed some days ago...





It's in the details... 

Since I am able to observe the layout from the back closely, I discovered many things that have not been realized over time.

For some reason they were forgotten or never fixed for convenience's sake.

One of these things for instance is the roof top of the shed at the station. It still lacks windows.






Since this kit was made around 1994 and original parts are missing yet, I just cut parts from balsa wood.

I will weather them in time. Perhaps the whole tiled roof of the station will be layered with Lasurfarbe. Dunno yet...




Frits Osterthun 2019

Last update: 23.1.2023