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"Der Meistertrunk"

How the area around Schloss Cochem gets its implementation!




26.2 ~ The Medieval Market or 'Der Meistertrunk'


26.2.1 ~ The Painting

(September 2022)


Ever since I once saw Rothenburg ob der Tauber in 2022 and experienced the 'Meistertrunk' on the last day of Pentecost 2022,

the thought has stayed with me to convert a Medieval Feast like this in scale H0 on the Cochemer Bahn.

September was the perfect month to start with it...




No market without fruit and vegetables...









...and no market without stalls either... 


Today I was able to lose myself completely in mixing colors that are close to nature, and that, in my opinion, approach the clothing of the Middle Ages.

My visit to the Meistertrunk in Rothenburg ob der Tauber in June 2022 provided sufficient inspiration.











Even though the plastic is already printed in a certain color, each part is still repainted.  Besides, I prefer tin mugs to glass.



This Preiserlein Set (12193) - called "At the grocer's shop, around 1900" I bought

- how in the world! - 

at a grocer's shop in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

(Inhaber Klaus Endreß, Rödergasse 6)




On September 5th, a box from Lippe was delivered with 7 Gaslaternen and - totally new to me - a 'Zündgerüst' für Gaslaternen.

These gas lanterns will now light up slowly when ignited, and will flicker randomly while burning.

Some weeks later I ordered a seccond Zündgerüst to get more diversity.




26.2.2 ~ Constructing The Medieval Market

(September 2022)






The lady with the beer pitcher (2nd right) will serve real beer with a foam head...


Those mugs are no bigger than 1.3 millimeters 














 The skyline of the Cochemer Altstadt will change enormously when this new module is ready. 






26.2.3 ~ A propos...

(August 11, 2023)


Via FB I received a message from Rolf Reich, in which he offered various Preiser sets, painted by himself.
One set caught my attention: Mittelaltermarkt.
Since Preiser once offered an unpainted set containing six medieval figures, which were never released separately, I decided to contact Rolf.

I can always use extra extras on the Mittelaltermarkt and these Preiserlein looked fairly professionally painted.

Lateron, Rolf also offered some suitable attributes, such as shields, tables and so on for the same price of € 15 (additional transportationscost about € 12) in addition to these figures.

Ordered and paid via MBö.


Arrived 11.8.2023 



November 29th, 2023, I started to give many Preiserlein a lasur coating



Herolde und Ritter zu Pferd (Preiser 24600) | Landsknechte (Preiser 24601) ~ waiting for over 30 years now...



Almabtrieb (Preiser 10404)





Kampfende Ritter (Preiser 24762) | Rundtanz (Preiser 10241)


The best spot would be to have tham all on the ranmp, but then the position of their feet won't match.

It's either on the Market Square (but then again far too crowded!) or on the Royal Square. I prefer the latter!





Rundtanz (Preiser 10241)





On December 6, the Preiserlein, intended for the Meistertrunk, was given a layer of lasur.










One of the most time-consuming tasks was organizing the vegetable stalls. All elements must be arranged both logically and naturally.

'Where do you walk, where do you stand, how do you present yourself, where do people pass by, what are main walkways, where are things in the way...?'
In short, this required the most attention and took days. 







Initially I thought this edge - just outside the square - was a nice location for the fruit and vegetable stalls.

Which does not alter the fact that I absolutely did not like the central part around the wine press. That's why I abandoned this idea, no matter how lovely the scene looks.
The upper reaches near the city wall are also a suitable place for stalls during the Mittelkaltermarkt. But... I'm short on Preiserlein and carts.




So... the fruit and vegetable market will eventually be located in the middle of the market square. 








Then it's time for the Bavarian dancers to take their place.

I choose two groups of three women, who stand to the side of the three couples in the middle of the dance floor.

This creates a small, balanced scene with table guests on the left, the musicians on the right with room to dance in the middle.






Beer glasses and pewter mugs will fill the tables. A fiddly job indeed...  








Ordered online three years ago, finally arrived: Winzerwagen (Preiser 30398, painted on Mauritius) 






The ladies dance... so do the gents!




Finally... after three decades, the horses are getting glue under their hooves.

These two sets have been waiting for years, but have now found their final place. 

The horses glued with white glue (Weissleim), the rest with industrial superglue 














After the parade was glued, I started placing figures everywhere, each of which 'told a story'.

The big story is of course the parade, which attracts many viewers.

Then there are people who make their purchases first and watch the parade later. After all, they come back into the city from the Royal Square.
Furthermore, traders are talking to each other, children telling their own stories among the adults...


In short, the Meistertrunk is one big story!

There is no need to ask where I got my inspiration from.

My visit to Rothenburg ob der Tauber gave me the perfect impression at the right time!




These shields were purchased from Rolf Reich



23.12.2023 | 28.12.2023







After the parade, the figures and tables around the dance floor were permanently glued in place.

I couldn't give these two waitresses a better place than here. 








Needless to say, that the Mittelaltermarkt on the Cochemer Bahn is both inspired by and a tribute to the Meistertrunk,

which I encountered in Rothenburg op der Tauber in June 2022.



6.6.2022 © Frits Osterthun at Rothenburg op der Tauber during the Meistertrunk



On this one but last day I put many Preiserlein on their final place, creating many small scenes and tales...

Each stall will have staff, even if they are not all clearly visible.






Red, white, red, white, red, white... how can it be more Rothenburg than this?!

(Frits Osterthun © 6.6.2022)



Every scene on the Mittelaltermarkt is meticulously thought out, however not quite finished yet.









Today the children can also taste everything for free... that's how it goes during the Meistertrunk!




This terrace only opens in the evening.







And ten days later, with a beautiful winter sunlight in the train room, casting her shadows...




















Frits Osterthun © 24.9.2022

Last update: 3.6.2024