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"Der Meistertrunk"

How the area around Schloss Cochem gets its implementation!




26.1.1 - Around Schloss Cochem

(July 2022) 


Proposition of a facebook friend


While the previous chapter ends with a sneak preview of the place where Schloß Cochem, the Chapel and the Martinstor will eventually be placed on the layout,

in this chapter I want to go into more detail on both the foundation and the decoration of this third Cochemer Bahn extension and expansion. 



26.1.2 ~ Base construction: a drawer

(July 16, 2022)



Since the newest addition on the left is wedged between the wall and the layout, I ran into at least two problems.

First of all, it is now quite difficult to be able to work well here, certainly not on the side.

In the second place, of even more importance, is that in this way you can hardly see anything of the castle (let alone the beautiful courtyard) and everything that lies behind it.

The most elegant, but not the easiest, solution seemed to me to be to place the module on a drawer.



Because of the close connection to the layout - both to the rear and to the side - the idea came to me

to place the rails of the drawer not parallel to the layout at 90 degrees, but out of plumb, at about 95 degrees (clockwise).
In this way, the drawer not only slides forward, but also slightly to the left, so that it is immediately free from the layout.

The swing out is no less than 1050 mm, the carrying capacity alone is good for 75 kilos. Starting with '6 kilo Bran'...




I add height with Styrofoam. 



The layers of styrofoam will be trimmed and shaped lateron, when I have a view of the entire landscape and I am satisfied with the correct use of the area around the castle.

As with Stift Cochem, I know that this will take the most time. A matter of looking, shifting, looking again... and for most listening to your inner voice! 



26.1.3 ~ Transportation options

(July 27, 2022)



Because the drawer is attached to the frame and to the Cochemer Bahn,

- but I still want to retain as much freedom of movement as possible for both construction and maintenance at a later time -

the module itself will be placed on a separate plate. The whole remains in place by means of two dowels.










In the meantime I have almost finished the wall between castle and chapel. A roof with tiles will be built later on the top edge. 



It took me at least 3 hours to (again) discover which wire belonged to which light.

With 24 switches in mind for the whole module, I need about 20 for the castle alone. It's an option to combine multiple rooms on one switch.  



26.1.4 ~ Wiring... lots of wiring!

(August 16-21, 2022)


The wiring took me some days. Let the pics tell their tale...






For the toggle switches I needed a new 12mm drill bit.



I made some new connections in the control table.









I have to install a separate DC switch for the Viessmann wall lamp (LED) at the front door to prevent "AC" flickering (middle).






3 x 8 = 24





These buildings will determine the illumination.






Most of the wiring is now underneath 


Small preview of the changing skyline in the west...



Behind the Klingentorturm one can now see the new Auhagen Tor and part of the Schloss




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