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St. Johann's Kapelle



"Unsere liebe Frau zu Kobolzell" | Rothenburg ob der Tauber | 7. Juni 2022 © Frits Osterthun




23.1 ~ New Plans near Schloss Cochem

(June 22, 2022)





Although the 'Rapunzelturm' of Schloss Bran (right next to the Powder Room) is known as a chapel

- but that is not really visible from the outside -

and because I was looking for some extension next to the castle,

I decided to visit the chapel St. Johann - former part of Bebenhausen Monastery - to be built on the south side of the castle.

The actual chapel in the courtyard is too small for all residents. 


Two versions of the chapel - part of the Bebenhausen monastery - have been put on the market by Faller.

The only deviation is the roof, which is either completely red (130630) or fitted with beautifully painted blue and yellow tiles (130599).  

I chose the latter color variant, on the one hand because the lord of the castle could afford some expenses,

and on the other to create variety in relation to the many red roofs of Schloss Cochem.




23.2 ~ Unboxing

(June 22, 2022)







It's a pity that the stained glass windows are not gray, as in the cathedral. This yellow doesn't exactly match my painting.




It is always an exciting adventure to open a new box from Faller.

Just the way everything is organized in the box gives a comfortable feeling,

and challenges me to immediately start painting, assembling and above all discovering how I can make changes to the building.


But I knew from the start that this chapel would undergo some drastic,

if not: draconian changes.




23.3 ~ "Faller rocks!"

(June 22, 2022)


On Friday June 25, I sent an email to Faller Kundendienst to ask if it was possible to send me some necessary parts to change the St-Johann's Chapel.

As background information I mentioned that at the time I renounced the service offered to send Schloss Bran parts free of charge,

due to an ambiguity in the building description (see chapter 21), as well as the contact I had with Mr. Danner on the lack of a step in the construction plan (see chap. 22).

I found the response on Monday 27 June most charming:


"Sehr geehrter Herr Osterthun,  

vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.

Wie senden Ihnen die Teile aus Kulanz zu."



Four days later, Thursday, June 30, a package was delivered, in which as requested:
* from Faller 130598: the wall part 1/1 R T2 with wide window (Faller 130598, page 4 ad H)
* from Faller 130816 (Kloster Bebenhausen), the Rosette window Deko 1 (2x), matching the above-mentioned wall part 1/1R T2


I am not too generous with praise, but in this case:

"Faller rocks!"




23.4 ~ Painting and Weathering

(June 26, 2022)


While waiting for Faller's special delivery, I started to paint some parts in advance.


While I patiently (but not really!) waited for the mail for the special shipment from Faller, I already started painting some parts.

I did not find the gray of the roof attractive, but in line with the blue tiles I painted the roof ridge Prussian blue. Definitely chic.

And if I don't like it, I can always fall back on the tried and tested amaranth (the set has two pieces).




23.5 ~ Constructing before painting... that's a first

(June 30, 2022)



The tower of Schloss Bran was my first experiment, but even now I am going to do it differently against my habit.

Certain parts are glued first, and then painted over.

I noticed at the cathedral, but also at Schloss Bran, that I still get color differences with wall parts that are placed below or next to each other.

Never too old to learn...



What makes 'my' chapel unique is the big change I'm going to make:

I'm going to raise the walls all around and most likely move the bay window (the choir) to the side.
Fortunately, Faller supplied the appropriate (but superfluous for the construction of this chapel) wall parts (1/12H viz. 1/12G).



Due to the equal dimensions of the walls with my cathedral, it was not difficult to tie the knot.

Admittedly, I have to use connectors to provide some stability to the lower part of the building.
Sometimes I feel like an architect... and why not!?


Yep, I did it again. In contrast to the cathedral of Stift Cochem, the wall is now uniform in color and weathering.

(f.l.t.r.: 30/6, 1/7 and 2/7) 




 Both inside and outside are painted




I knew from the start that I would weather this beautifully colored roof with Lasur.

Although I knew roughly what effect I had in mind, the final result is always a surprise. But... beyond expectations! (As usual).



23.6 ~ Windows and Mesh Grid

(July 3, 2022)


A precision job to apply the windows (without glue traces!), but the final result is always satisfying.



Unlike with the cathedral, this time I didn't make shutters on the outside of the cross hole, but a mesh grid on the inside.

At least it will keep the attic free of birds and bats...



On the other hand, I did provide the round windows with stained glass windows

with honeycomb profile in the same way again.


In contrast to the mask with yellow stained glass windows supplied with this kit, I used the remaining gray window from the cathedral.

I prefer gray to this yellow...


 And then the pièce de la resitance: the parts that Faller sent me - out of graciousness - for my contribution to Schloß Bran,

both the wall part and two pieces of rosette window (one spare if I accidentally screw up the other), make this building unique.


The window of the Cathedral from Stift Cochem, at the rear of the layout, can hardly be admired given the distance and location.

But now the chapel at the front provides a beautiful spectacle.






23.7 ~ Illumination

(July 3-6, 2022)


A Viessmann wall lantern will illuminate the courtyard as well as the entrance to the chapel for the common people.

The Castle Lord will enter the building through a separate entrance.





To make the interior, especially the roof, 'light' proof, I used the top of the mask, with the wire lights sticking through it.




I have now provided the roof with a hole for the lighting of the tower.

This will become two later, as one set of wires will only fit in the back.



23.8 ~ The Choir

(July 5-6, 2022)



 The choir room of this chapel (or is it 'the chapel of this church'?)  is a beautiful piece of architecture in itself.

Although I have not understood why Faller uses lasercut cardboard (for which I lack the special glue).




Although Faller rightly proposes to place the choir room at the rear, in line with the nave, I consciously chose to place it at the side.

All the more so, because I purposely raised the building with the supplied parts so that more space is created on the side.
Moving the choir room to the side not only gives the entire building a completely different appearance, but this (side) side will soon be located at the front of the layout, in plain sight.
In this way the rear (grey) window is also spared and I have one less yellow windows on this side.

The most exciting and challenging part of all this is whether the roof of the choir room will also fit exactly under the roof of the church. But I'm in good spirits...




Although this turret is considerably smaller than that of the cathedral, it also consists of two layers.

Therefor, two lights here for illumination.

These are the challenges in a project like this that appeal to me the most.




While mixing the paint for only one bell, I thought it a real shame to waste the rest.
So on seccond thought: "Why not paint all bells together for future use?"
On third thought: "Future use? Why not make it a Carillon with a perfect octave of eight bells?!"







23.9 ~ The Burgherr's Balcony

(July 7, , 2022)



Although there is a tiled floor and the walls are painted on the inside, I did not intend to create an interior like in the cathedral.

However (as a gadget) I did make a special balcony for the lord of the castle.

He will soon be able to go from the castle directly to the chapel via a special footbridge for a moment of contemplation, without being disturbed by foot soldiers.
The commoners enter the building through their own door on the ground floor.



The fencing consists of residual material from the organ balcony of the cathedral.

Of course I do appreciate a nod to the cathedral.

It should come as no surprise that this happens more often in this building.





And then the interior was out of sight for good...




23.10 ~ The last hurdel, and then...

(July 10-11, 2022)



A second drill hole is necessary to avoid stressing the cables unnecessarily.


Neatly finished with heat shrink tubing.




Except for the pins and the wall edges... done! And yes, the roof fits perfectly, with only one millimeter left...




23.11 ~ Finished and outdoor Photoshoot

(July 12, 2022)







23.12 ~ At night...

(July 12, 2022)






23.13 ~ On the Pulverturm Insel

(November 2023)


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