R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l




(Faller 130677)







2024 A.1 - The idea

(January 2024)


After a long time with city planning and castles, I wanted to focus more on country life.

In the Faller shipment of June 6th, 2023, there was also the Vogtsbauernhof (Faller 130677). 




This Vogtsbauernhof Set is a combination of previously and separately released kits, like:



1. Schwarzwaldhof (130366)




2a. Kinzigtäler Speicher | Speichergebäude (130566)...


2b. ... however, in 2024 newly released as 'Lagerhaus mit Obstpresse' or 'Warehouse with Fruitpress' (191814) 


3. Hofkapelle und Backhaus (130571)




1. S c h w a r z w a l d h o f 

1.1. Unboxing








Unfortunately, the window film was loose on the bottom of the box, causing extensive damage due to the sliding of the castings.

Fortunately, I have saved foil from other construction kits, which will come in handy now.



1.2. Painting & Patinierung














1.3. Constructing 













Not completely clearly indicated. The drawing makes it appear as if the woodwork is on top.

But the 45 degree angle will make it clear lateron.




A beautiful piece of color formation 


And then an idea came because of these two door halves...


As I wrote on FB these days:

'...a man and a half and a horse's head.' (Tijl Uilenspiegel)

Faller's proposal of two door halves reminded me of the horse back riding school where the top half of each stable door is open during the day.

Beautiful to see all those horse heads sticking out. This doorstyle stirred me to apply this very same image to the Vogtsbauernhof.

But yea, not just 'one and a half men and a horse's head', but then again an interior is imperative as well. (Parts not included) 







The delicate horse that I received from Artitec now has a place in the horse box (see Chapter 15).







Whoever keeps spare parts...

What was once intended as a connecting wall between Schloss Cochem and the Pulverturm, now becomes the roof of the horse stable. 





But before the roof is positioned, the interior will be decorated even more.










Fiber for dung... 

























2. K i n z i g t ä l e r  S p e i c h e r

2.1. Unboxing 





2.2. Painting & Patinierung




Although I knew in advance that I would also give this building a thatched roof in the atmosphere of the Hallenhaus,

I painted the ridge of this roof - which apparently consists of bushels of thatch - to differ in color from the rest. 














2.3. Construction































3. Hofkapelle und Backhaus



3.1. Painting











3.2. Constructing 'Kapelle'

(starting 12.2.2024 with Kapelle) 





Can't deny it looks pretty much like a design of Anton Pieck









Postproduction (lasur)








3.3. Constructing 'Backhaus'

(in only one day)





3 loafs of bread and 3 cookies. Soo small...






F i n i s h e d




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