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1.7 ~ Finally: the Turnout... it was about time!

(July 17-18, 2019)


Since I moved, both turnouts at the Endbahnhof won't function properly anymore, the're even beyond repair.

For many years I wanted this handswitch turnout operational. So I decided to 'electrify' it ones and for all!



Yet, since it is impossible to give this particular switch an underfloor drive due to inaccessibility, as you can see...



... and yet I do dislike the sight of proportional switches next to the track...



... I still decided to carry through. Since I can't get underneath anymore, it's the functional result that still counts.

Nevertheless, I had to reach out for almost two feet between the two layers of plywood of the layout

to plug in the red, yellow and green plugs into the K 83 device which fortunately were still available!

I felt like a dentist, working up side down and using a small mirror...



It's not in my line to NOT try and conceal the switch into the landscape as much as possible. I somehow managed to get it right.

It probably has to do with the fence in front of the track, which 'hides' the linear shape of the switch.




Since the mechanism of the frog somehow broke down, I had to cut out the frame and glue parts together.



After finishing the turnout, I carried on working on the environment around the litthe bridge on which this turnout lies.  


I never completed that part since in effect I didn't know how to finish it.

A small path working its way into the back? A mirror perhaps? I decided for the latter!



Renewing the path right under the arch with new sand, dirt and grass, I let it continue some further...



... so I was able to position the mirror into the glue for obtaining a straight and sustained line.



The result gave a proper depth





Filling up the still open space behind the bridge...



I didn't realize that some locomotives - such as the Württ. K - would get stuck on the turnout switch because of their low positioned cylinders.

Therefore I added a sort of 'guiding board' on both sides for 'conducting' the cilinder.






Finally the fence:  


The effect of the fence on (the invisibility of) the turnout device is pretty similar to the linear painting on the wall behind the Efteling Flying Fakir,

which distracts the eye to not focussing on the wires that actually carry the carpet.



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