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An idea derived from the Efteling Diorama

(July 4, 2019)



Lately, I've been thinking... of adding a roof like the one in the Efteling Diorama (14.7.2014). 



Another platform at the Efteling Diorama (14.7.2014) shows this cuddly wooden bench.

I consider bringing both ideas together!





Considering the measurement of the Efteling's bench... mine is way too wide!

So I cut it in two...


At my dealer's shop, I saw this gadget. It gives me the right idea how to position the wooden beams for carrying the roof.

And no, I didn't buy it! I'll dew it myself!

With a sagged roof and a small and shining lamppost inside the vault...





Forget the Diorama!






And then: Heki Lasur Farbe!



To me, it's the invention of the century!



Here's the other (half of the) platform... 



The other one will have a roof with lamp, which is going to be situated at the far right end of the platform:



At this point I am still wondering how to go on: where to put the beams and supporting beams?



But... in the end this is what is was going to look like!



With such a delicate concept - all made of wood - the Styrofoam roof I intended to use was way to plump!






A little insulation will do no harm, preventing light shining through the beams...




One day's work. But yet, I love it!


Most rewarding result! 



Frits Osterthun 2019

Last update: 22.1.2023