R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


1.4 ~ Beyond Down Hill

(June 27, 2019)


Since I made many more bushes and trees with Seemoos and Noch foliage,

I got the hang of it in continuing renovating beyond Down Hill, opposite the platform.



Last night I started painting most of the brickwork in the same way as I did with the masonry and brickwork in town






As happens more often: while obvserving a specific spot on the layout, there's something that irritates me, which usually is a signal for intervention.

A plan is unfolding in my mind and... here we go again!



For instance, this brickwork, originally meant as the remnants of an old bridge...



Then the thought occurred to me last night, that there must have been some wooden beams or so, now putrefied...




This very morning I went to the forest to find myself some real material like dark brown coarse turf for ground covering in the forest.



Now, this grey rock beyond Down Hill has gotten my attention today!



I had in mind to put some Noch Fir trees right on top of it. But one way or another: they just didn't fit in the foreground.

So, I decided to give in and use my precious Seemoos trees instead. I must say: I don't regret it in the least! 

The first two (on the right) were kind of "halflings" which I put together as a whole.



The cliff in the front... just shouted for attention of a cliff hanger!




That tree, lying at the right, is going to be the "third in the pack of two" on top.

I will position it on that small cliff near the tunnel's entrance.


Right there!




In the mean time I painted the brickwork with a white dry brush.



This lovely chasm calls for some deadwood which fell down from above... 



Finally, today's labour.




Frits Osterthun 2019

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