R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l 


Chapter 1.3.1 ~ The Park

(June, 2019)


You probably remember pictures of the Park at the first chapter of this Journal, which was situated at the Old City Wall.

My second large tree had to be renewed as well as the park around it.



In the month of June, I decided to renovate the park between the restored Wall and Down Hill.

After stripping off the area from its bushes, I first had in mind to use high autumn grass in the back.


However, the lower part of the wall got too much out of sight and the dry grass didn't fit in like I wanted.

Therefor I decide to use lower grass and some bushes instead.





Then the tree had to be given new foliage. It took at least six (6!) handmade bushes of Seemoos to make a crown.



Time for a stroll. Smell the fresh air of spring, coming from the mountains... (lateron this guy will star in a video)



Even the edges and borders around the platform are now overgrown with bushes and weeds.



You might make a comparison: as it was in the beginning...




... is now, and will... well... to be continued for a while! 




When I constructed the Endbahnhof (Faller), I added a Bell Tower on the roof.  If I recall correct it comes from a Pola kit (Stadtturm, Pola 130)



The thought just occurred to me: Why not paint it white? 



Mmmm... nahhhh! The bottom part needs some altering indeed...


Now that's more like it! June 7th 2019




1.3.2 ~ New Platform at the Endstation

(June 7, 2019) 



Since I wanted something like a platform at the Endstation for some time, I decided to make one!

Simple and rather narrow... just a small gem, handmade with separate planks of mahogany.



Bending two girders for a base...



... and fixing them on the spot



Quite a few planks indeed...




After the glue has properly dried, I will give it some wheatering...



In the end I choose to still shorten the platform some 3 inches. Less is more...




I would love to step on this train for a holiday's journey... 



On June 27th, I finished my platform with Heki Dur Lasurfarbe and the slightest white dry brushing:





Frits Osterthun 2019

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