R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l 


Chapter 1.2 ~ M i d d l e  H i l l

(April 16-17, 2019)



As you probably remember, there is a small hill between Cochem Town and the tunnel leading to the track downhill.

For over a decade it has been rocky and grey, desolate like Smaug.



Since I purchased this Noch box of 18 Fir Trees (Noch 24530), I finally did what I always had in mind:

some three or four Fir Trees on top of this pretty dull and isolated rocky formation.



Although they are pretty good 'out of the box', I think that they need a hand or two...

I was too careful with the right one! Come on, play a little rough!



First of all, I had to remove the vegetation that has been affected by this irretrievable layer of dust...



I thought that the trackside could use some new vegetation as well, as if the train is running through a forestall environment.



Here we go. A layer of green and brown vegetation to begin with, for covering most of the rock.



Since it was late at night, these shots were taken with artificial light...



One tree standing, another will join in a minute.



Before heading for my bunk, I wanted the finish the track side with forestall vegetation, so it might dry overnight.



The next morning...


...in bright sun light:




I love the view. Promissing... 


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