R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



~ Verfallenes Fachwerkhaus  ~







19.1 ~ Unboxing Busch 1667

(March 5, 2022)


On 25.5.2019, I bought myself this dilapidated house, meant for a spot on the Cochemer Bahn, somewhere in town at the utmost left hand corner.

It lay for almost 3 years in the cabinet.


Since I finished the Module of Stift Cochem  in Januari, there was nothing at hand for the moment being.

So... time to unboxing the 'Verfallenes Fachwerkhaus'!












19.2 ~ Painting & Weathering

Let the pictures tell their tale...

(March 5)





If only I knew that the acrylic paint would curl the thin layer of wood... 



Now there's some dilap... dapil... errr... something-dation




19.3 ~ Building the dilapidated

(March 5)


It fellt like my first Busch experience with the Forsthaus




I gave the interior an off white layer, since one can look inside. 


Not prescribed, but I gave the first floor a wall and 'carpet' of wooden temnants. These parts (beams and tiles) came out of the sachet...  


... however, the rest I added myself: grit, grass, moss, sand, etc.





19.4 ~ Then there's the attic!

(March 6) 












"Nh wi'out a decent co' o' coffee!"








19.5 ~ Stone fittings

(March 7)






"Even broken glass can reflect a clear blue sky!" 



It turned out that the printing of the stones considering the shade was partly turned upside down... 



... alas! 



And here you can see the flip-flop right in the middel of the printing  






19.6 ~ The rooftop

(March 12) 



The bike was not included, but the idea itself came from the very front cover of the box (see top).









I added rafters on both sides with remnants of the wood 








Frits Osterthun 15.3.2022

Last update: 6.2.2023