R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



17.1 ~ A r c a d e  V e g e t a t i o n

(January 2022)







Chapter 17.1.1 ~ A s  i t  w a s  i n  2 0 0 4




After finishing the Stift Cochem Module in January 2022, there was still a corner left, which was abandoned some 11 months ago.


In a few days I managed to provide this last remaining piece of model railway with new vegetation.

I t's the third time now, that both the Holweg and Arcade were renewed.


But let me first take you to the very beginning of this beautiful corner at the front of the layout.




In 2002 it looked like this. This deer was dear to me for many years.  

These pine trees at the left were the very first hand made trees I ever made. Unfortunately they turned yellow over time.








On October 14 (2019), I stripped all vegetation:








Chapter 17.1.2 ~ How it became in 2022


However, January 2022 was the time that the Renovation of the Cochemer Bahn came to its final completion.



This was the starting point on January 8. 



This tree most certainly will come back (2004)






10.1.2022 ~ First impression  




17.1.3 ~ T h e  U p p e r f i e l d

(January 14th)







17.1.4 ~ A  s o l i t a r y  t r e e

(January 15th)



In the past week I made various branches and twigs from Seemoos, intended for the trees of the 'Holweg'.

In the end I turned out to need them all for just one tree...






This is how the 'Holweg' or 'Hollow Road' looked in 2004 (and yes, I was proud of it then!)...





... but now it's more like this:






17.1.5 ~ H o w e v e r ... NO...




Not only because of the lack of branches, I also found the tree itself not really suitable here.




Chapter 17.1.6 ~ The result


Well, let's finish and enjoy the rest with pictures of this day











7.1.7 ~ A propos...


On January 21, 2023, two hares came along...



 Must be Hazel and Fiver | "Bright eyes... burning like fire!"




Frits Osterthun 13.2.2022

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