R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l  15



15.4 ~ Heading for Christmas with several days of 'small talk'...


From December 23 and on...


I made a cosy workspot on the kitchen table and started to just do what was at hand.

Searching parts, weathering, painting, 'lasuring' my Preiserlein, a stork changing nest...






Although these 'people form the vineyard' are most beautifully painted from the factory,

I want to apply my 'artistic character' or 'Chef's recipe' to all my Preiserlein:

a light coating of Heki Dur Lasur.

Which brings out facial expression and the folds of the clothing better.

At the same time, the very fresh white is somewhat tempered by it.




For my D VI Atropos I found fitting personel.





When I saw this fellow, I knew he deserved a special scenic spot on the model railroad.
However, I didn't want him out in the open or in a shed like that other guy behind the castle.


No, someone who just got out of bed and looked out the window. But which window is suitable?

The Klingetorturm was no option.

After some searching, the solution came naturally: the extension of the former Alsfeld town hall.


And here we go again... from one thing comes another!


















These two sets I bought in the "Dutch guilders time" (2x 39,90, today some 40 USD).

I always had in mind to put them somewhere around Cochemer Burg.

But no, the Castle is in a quiet area. A parade like this simply does not fit in with that.

However, since I (almost) finished the Vineyard on the west side of Town, and a festival is at hand indeed,

I finally found the right spot and situation for them.


Coming up soon...



"A good wine matures in a dark cellar for years, but is drunk in the light on one day ."



And so this is waiting for me on Christmas Day. More work to be done. What else?!




Around Christmas I gave full attention to the expansion of the town hall.

But first the D VI Atropos got personnel...

(See more pictures at Einsatz bay. D VI)







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