R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l




15.2 ~ Linden Trees

(December 8, 2021)



This weekend I finally found the solution for the continuation of the monastery garden: lime trees.



Five poles (toothpicks) were used at a distance of 4 cm.



Mother's sewing thread for the threads along which the linden is guided, next to four linden trunks.




15.2.1 ~ N e a r  t h e  M o n a s t e r y

(December 8, 2021)




Because the light from the stage lamps should not be obstructed, I put the lime trees tightly against the wall.

For the same reason, a monastery garden with beanstalks precisely in this place is out of the question. 




When the glue is dry I can cut off the tips at the top of the posts.





It cannot be denied that the appearance of the monastery thus changes considerably, if not improves.




15.2.2 ~ Near the Cathedral

(December 8-11, 2021)


In the time of four days I did a lot of work on the Monastery Grounds.

In effect, I want this module to be installed into the Cochemer Bahn before the end of this year.







Typically Dutch, especially at Dutch Reformed Church buildings, are lime trees in front of the facade.









From Wet tot Glue to White Gravel. 














If only one can only imagine how this site looked 4 months ago...





5.2.3 ~ Approaching the finish!

(December 13-14, 2021)



Colouring the tombstones with Lasur (at the right)



The paths and avenues along the church and monastery get their final coating with an extra Lasur layer, then topped off with dry off white.







Finally, I have chosen not only to move the statue from the cemetery to the monastery grounds.

I actually thought the pedestal underneath was too high (which made the church seem smaller!), and the statue was skewed.






Frits Osterthun 23.2.2022

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