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"Wolves around Stift Cochem... and more!"





15.1.1 ~ Wolves around

(December 3, 2021)



Some weeks ago I was intrigued by wolves in scale H0, imported from Canada and hand painted by Geke van Petegem.

Alas, the price per wolf was primarily 12,50, some weeks later even 20 per wolf. A six pack took no less than 75 euros.

I think this price is quite exorbitant



A wolf by Geke van Petegem, just awesome! 



Then I discovered that Bush has a pack of ten wolves for less than 18,00 euros.

"I just couldn't resist..."

(as Christoph Waltz puts it so delicately in Django Unchained).




They were already painted.

Nevertheless, I gave them a 'nose tip' (gloss black) and a lasur coating as well.








They did not form a pack of wolves until 22.2.2022.




15.1.2 ~ On the reins

December 3, 2021


As beautiful as Artitec's beet cart may be, it really does need reins to finish it off.

Thin steel yarn was the best option because of its strength.








With some painting of several Preiserlein, Friday's work is finished again...




Frits Osterthun 23.2.2022

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