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13.2 ~ A l t s t a d t -T u r m h a u s

(September 14, 2021)


While matching all parts, I decided to purchase the Wohnturm (Faller 130402) as well, intending to distinguish the three wall parts.

The box arrived on 9/14, together with 4 sets of micro cable lamps.

The latter will be used as 'stage lamps' to illuminate the Monastery and Cathedral from outside.



With the usual paintwork...



... as well as some adjustments



 I chose the door instead of the prescribed stone fence, because the wall continues on this side. 



Funny: two pins, never seen that before. Even the Busch lamp fits most perfectly.



This is going to work. No doubt.

As you can see I replaced the 2 inch bar with one of 4 inch, since the Turmhaus staircase measures some 4 inches at least.




After I week I continued working on the Turmhaus.

The tower itself is dating from the 1960s. The stone base is newly developed.










Ever when there's a gate, I consider illumination. Not included nor advised by Faller, applied by me anyway.


According to an idea of Yuri Kovalev,  I had intended to use wooden planks as paneling for certain wall sections. Here's one of them.



Inspiring work of Yuri Kovalev


The hoist, intended for the corner tower, was also present in this kit because of a banister that had to be removed from the same mould.

With some individual roof parts I have now made a second hoist and attached it to the Turmhaus with the necessary adjustments.
And no, it's not a toilet!



This is the very picture that inspired me to buy Vollmer's White Tower  as well!

Thanks, Yuri!



First impression of the whole, but not in the final order...






A  p r o p o s ... 

April 23, 2022


A propos... on April 23, 2022, I got an idea from a Dutch guy, using the same models for his Altstadt: wind springs.

I simply made them from the sharp ends of tooth picks, coloured them sky grey, little thinned lasur topping and... ready!





"Wieso Liebe zum Detail?"




Frits Osterthun 21.9.2022

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