Die Preußische P 8 von Märklin







 In 1967 Märklin released her first H0-scale model of a Prussian P 8, later known as Baureihe 3810-40.


 The 1967 catalogue showed this page...


Photo (c) LCTM




... which turned out to be this model: DB 38 1807 with Wannentender.






Many variants appeared throughout the years, both German and foreign, before Märklin set eye on Era 1.

The famous 38 1807 (3098) was followed up by this DRG 38 3553 (1977) with Kastentender 




Another DB variant appeared in 1988 as 038 772-0 for Epoche 4, also with Kastentender.

(The cabin printing was shifted downwards)




As a limited edition an Era 3 Eastern Germany DR-model numbered 38 1182 was released in 1992 for MHI.






In 1995 Märklin finally decided for a Länderbahn version, but ~ alas ~ it was not Prussian, but Badanian.

In a remarkable blue livery, the BADEN 1164 appeared until 2001.






It still took 22 years to come to the Prussian roots of the P 8.

Here's the KPEV Münster 2401 (1999-2003).






l’ Histoire se répète.

When Märklin decided to make a totally new model of the famous P 8 "Mädchen für alles"

we still had to wait another 3 years and 5 variants before a "rein Preußische Bauart" appeared.


The first release was an Era 3 DB-version 38 2591 with Kastentender for Märklin (AC) in 2003.




The same year a DRG-version 38 2019 appeared, only for Trix and limited for 2003...




...which ~ à propos ~ was also released for Märklin with Wagner deflectors as DRG 38 2637 in 2007.




Then another DB-version for Märklin was released, limited for VEDES in 2004.

Without deflectors the 38 3075 came in Era 3 livery.




Two years later the very same model was released again for VEDES in (a kind of) weathered condition






Even after these three German variants, Märklin still had no intention of heading for a fine Era 1 model.

In 2005, two foreign engines saw daylight first in the Märklin Export Program.


One for Italy (FS) with Kastentender and white wheels...


M37034, FS


... the other for France (SNCF) with a 3-axled tender (known from the Pr. G 8.1)


M37036, SNCF




Finally the year 2006 approached.

Exclusively and ~ in the purest sense of the word ~ seriously limited the first born P 8 was announced.

One might say: “It was worth waiting for.”

Just have a look at the pictures below, I made in July 2006, and let's enjoy the beauty of it.


Erfurt 2458

Königlich Preußische Eisenbahn-Verwaltung

 (B.M.A.G. 1913, F. Nr. 5011)












In 2014 a second and improved (gear, colour, LokSound) model was relased as M37028, with Bahnnummer "Halle 2439"







In 2012 Märklin decided to release her 2nd generation Deutsche Bundesbahn P8 again, though limited for MHI, in the way we know her too well: with Wannentender .








In 2019 Märklin decided to release the 78.1001, one of two converted locomotives of the class 38, now with 'Stütztender'.

It's a limited edition for MHI.




All pictures by Frits Osterthun and Märklin © 2006/2007/2009 ~ Rev. 24.10.2011 / Rev. 6.1.2013


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