Märklin' s Einheitslokomotive Baureihe 01


1952 ~ 2006





The Baureihe 01 has always been a class of its own to be made as a model.

In scale 0 it appeared in the early 1920's running on 20 Volts, albeit as 4-4 (2'B) instead of 4-6-2 (2'C1')


Courtesy Siegfried Nann


In 1937 Märklin released her first Einheitslokomotive Baureihe 01 for the DRG in scale H0, known as HR 700.

During two years this model came in no less then four liveries.


HR 700 (Courtesy Alberto Pedrini)


It took 15 years (1952) before another model of this well-known German Pacific was released with Baureihe 01 097.




After a small upgrading, the same model was released as 3048 in 1960.

Although this model carries again the number 01 097 it is delivered with a smoke generator.




In 1964 the Lampenbügel are changed into Lampenstangen and the tender lacks real coal like the F800 had.

An external switch however is still at hand until 1972.






In 1970 a Pacific Class 01 ran into my life, when my father bought himself Märklins 3048.

The view of box and booklet reminds me of a fine childhood.


Box of M3048


Booklet of M3048






Only after 54 years (2006) Märklin decided to make a totally new construction.






Someone might say: how about the Class 011 and 012?

Well, actually these locomotives are not the Baureihe 01, but Baureihe 0110 with new boilers (Neubaukessel).

We might compare all of them anyway for this moment.


All together we see (f.l.t.r.):

3048 (1970) ~ 39010 (2006) ~ 3390 (1991) ~ 3710 (1993)





Comparison of 3048 and 39010


I would like to introduce you a comparison of both the 3048 and the 39010 in a photographic way.


The front






The Steering

Robust and toy like at the left, finer and darkened at the right.

Also note the difference between 01 097 with 850 mm running wheels, whereas the 01 147 has 1000 mm.






Tender 2'2' T 34







The Cabin


Notice the new concept of Z-shaped connection between locomotive and tender.

The 'Cellon Scheibe' (window shield) of the 3148 had to cover the engine.






Cabin and tender






Wheel concept and gears


Speaks for itself...







A propos, in 2009 the 01 150 was released as Pre-Insider to help and restore the Nürnberg prototype, which was destroyed by flames...




...which was renewed in 2012 in Era 2 modus with Wagner deflectors:




Another exotic one is the 01 118 as Museums Edition for the Historische Eisenbahn Freunde (HEF) in 2010





An Era 2 variant - DRG 01 128 with Wagner deflectors - could not fail in these series, released in 2008.





All pictures Frits Osterthun © 7.6.2009 / 22.02.2010 / 25.11.2010 / 18.5.2011