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The missing wall ~ a reconstruction...



Ever since I was a teenager, the Falkenstein Castle resided - in its original form - on my dad's layout.

My brother had a fine hand to implement it in the mountainous scenery.




On the Cochemer Bahn however, I wanted to extend it and at least lower the tower.

To me the result was satisfying enough...



However, to have all the external walls contiguous, I needed a specific part which in effect was positioned in the rear of the town.

But being out of sight, I didn't bother at the time to remove it and use it for the castle.


Recently I had in mind to do a thorough make over of at least the Cochemer Town, including restoring the 'Lost Wall'.



At the left you can see the gap of the wall between the two towers, since it was inserted into the castle compound (right).


Even if the gap (and wall to be) are not visible while standing in front of the layout, I thought it worth giving it a shot in creating a small scenery!

Just for the fun of it and in fact to check if I still have the skills of moddeling after some 10 years of inproductivity...


Now let the pictures tell the latest story!



Basis: a placard of styrofoam, a piece of pre-printed 'Belgium Pave', a piece of wall structure, toothpicks, a sharp knife, some glue...

and just get started.






Now one might keep the wall as a whole as it is.

But.... a little daring  and challenging damaging... how tempting... and why not!


"Whether lightning struck the wall or the mortar just was spoiled..."




The actual  weathering can start... basic flat brown and greyish green with Tamya acrylic paint.

The tiles on top were made by cutting into the foam.





Adding real natural materials from the garden, sorted by grain size.



Now it's time for the fencing, hence the toothpicks.

While continuously turning, I pressed them with great care into the wall, some 5 mm from the edge.






To prevent people from getting injured or falling down, planks were used to cover the gap... or at least part of it.

Still a tricky thing...





The result so far, with bushes added.

Good enough, but it still lacks 'it'...





But first a balcony is needed for connecting the wall with the door in the tower.








With Woodland 'Torf' and white topping my work comes to a certain conclusion...





Finally finished...





Last but not least, putting things in perspective...




As you can see, the back side wasn't weathered at all.



March 30th 2019



A greenish layer, pretty thin and using much water




Dry brush whiting



And a little vegetation!