DRG 53 0001 ~ Mallet-Lokomotive


Due to war, special war locomotives, the so called Kriegsdampflokomotiven (KDL) were developed. 

Next to the Baureihe 42 (KDL 2) and Baureihe 52 (KDL 1), a third and heavy locomotive was designed.

It is said that parts of this huge Mallet engine were actually made at the Berlin Borsig Factory.

However, due to air raids on German factories, this locomotive was never realised in reality.

Only in model it now exists.


0. Video 53 0002 on the Cochemer Bahn (2021)


1. There's a list for models of the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft


2. There are models in era 3 livery with Indusi for the Deutsche Bundesbahn


3. In 2011 a special H0-Messemodell BR 53 in Wintertarnlackierung was released.


4. In 2020 an Era 3 model for DR (DDR) in Spur 1 is offered by MBW


A special report on the "Kriegslokomotive III" can be found at: LCTM