~ Workbench or Desktop? ~

Something new




Thinking about a proper workbench or new desktop, I was looking into the IKEA manual 2006 for some ideas. 

On page 223, I found this desk combination:




This desk is principally thought for maintenance and presentation of models, perhaps some reading or scratch building.




The set contains a frame and T-shaped legs. 

A wooden desk comes on top of it. Hence desk~top... I presume.





The table-legs are fitted with one single screw, accompanied with a pin in a hole that positions the leg. 





The side frame is connected to the mainframe.





Looks simple, but it's solid like a rock.




This side is going to be covered with a metal strip and plugs into the square holes.





Every single leg is adjustable in height.





Only the wooden desk is still to be fit on top of the frame.





And that's how it finally looks.





The chair is new as well. Quite inviting... 





How about this? 



Osterthun Verlag ~ 26.10.2005