Cochemer Bahnhof (1/6)












As a student, I made my first layout in the attic of my dads. 

The Neuffener Station from Vollmer suited my policy of landscape style

with 'Fachwerk' houses, situated in the south of Germany.


In the 90's I repainted the whole building in the so called Pieck-green,

since Anton Pieck painted lots of buildings in De Efteling

in this typical grey-greenish house style.

Since then I also applicated the style of weathering,

not only with chalk rests of rain but also droppings of birds.


A new technique was the use of light shadow or dry whiting.

Use a brush with white paint, dry it almost in a towel, and lightly stroke the surface.

The former picture is taken 1981, the latter in 1984.


For the benefit of my new layout, I used most of these models shown here. 

Unfortunately, the station building was torn down. 

Alas, the remains of my dads layout are invaded by dust and dusk now... 


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