Rathaus Almannsdorf (1/11)











After having decided that the Cochemer Stadt should have an appropriate town hall.


With Faller B-427 I once again bought myself a model kit after many years...

It's a beautiful replica of the Rathaus Allmannsdorf. 


I redecorated the model both on the outside and the inside.

The outside was painted in a different colour scheme, besides of a thorough weathering.


Although Faller suggest a large hall on the second floor,  I rebuilt it with a wooden floor

with use of several other spare parts.


The nicest design is the open fireplace with large chimney in the hall.

With a decoder and LEDs, the fireplace is lit and twinkles in the dark.


I loved to have a study room of myself.

Instead of following the paper curtains, I designed a study on the first floor, just left of the front door. 


You can watch me while reading a good book lit by a small candle, and having a fine glass of wine. 



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