I've always wanted to have birch trees on the Cochemer Bahn.

This remarkable 'white' tree with his brown-greenish spots is a kind of its own.


On September 29th 2010, I had the courage in making

new trees for the layout again, after being inspired during

the weekend, when I walked through the Brabantian Forest where I spotted this magnificent birch tree...


Some weeks ago, as I was preparing the garden for winter, I spotted these dead branches which fit perfect for both birch trees and fir trees to come.


When Jacq Damen visited the Cochemer Bahn,

he not only taught me how to make fir trees

in the way he makes them himself,

but he also supplied the right materials to do so.


You can see them at the right in the background.


This loafed tree was actually a tryout with

brown poli fibre, but eventually it attracted me enough to use it as a birch.


Alas, I had to paint it with 'birch white' afterwards and only the stem.

But as you can see, the other trunks have been prepared in a proper manner.


Fun is in the detail.


Broken branches show a dark spot,

where moss and moisture occur.

And there she is!