Der Holweg

Time and inspiration joined together at last as I opened the glue bottle and set out to develop

the natural beauty of the Cochemer Forest and its immediate surroundings.


The table is set with choice raw materials, the mind is overflowing with ideas and all we need now is the proper tree trunks. 


We are fully aware that the Cochemer Burg still needs a large forest in the back ground, 

but for now we will concentrate on the front part of the lay out. 


The forest can wait...


Besides all the wonderful raw materials, like poly-fiber, Woodland Scenics and sticks for trunks and branches, 

there is an ample supply of this shredded material. 


Throw in some fantasy and creative thought and Presto!

Beautiful trees and bushes!


A friend presented us with some kind of bush clippings that rendered three beautiful 'tree trunks'. 

What kind of bush had sprouted them forth, we still donıt know but we are grateful.

Hereıs one with an odd but inspiring shape at the base. 


Covered with poly-fiber it looked all right for a background tree,

but on second thought we removed the fiber from its beautiful branches and gave it the 'fore-ground' treatment. 

The shape defines the form!


Itıs a well-known fact that Nature never repeats itself and we find that adage holding true when it comes to creating trees.

Creating similar yet dissimilar trees is quite a challenge and when we judge the final result a sincere form of satisfaction manifests itself.


Creating trees is one thing.

Finding the proper placement on the lay out for a specific shape tree is something else.


How does it best show itself? What is the best viewpoint? 

A tree doesnıt 'fit' just anywhere! 


Decisions, decisions...


One of the most prominent views of the lay out, just beyond the control panel, is a 'cut through' or 'hollow road', Holweg in German. 

The white glue marks where the new layer of undergrowth will be. 


Since, in nature, trees go by two's and three's we placed these two close together but still far enough away

from one another that their branches do not touch.


We must have been inspired by 'The Fellowship of the Ring' for this path through the forest...







The fir tree on the right was removed and a small oak tree was planted in its stead. 

It is too bad that the branches of the fir tree turned yellow with time.
When it was first planted two years ago it was bright green.



A final view.

Who wants to go for a walk into the forest?