Smaller trees are also needed for convincing forest.

Fir trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes and none (even those of the same species) are the same.



As for model trees, I use the wooden branches of the azalea.


They are just about right for small trees with about 3 or 4 side branches.



As in nature, plants and trees often come in "twos" and "threes".


The crowns were made out of dark green Woodland poli fiber.


With 50 or more fir trees I hope to create a convincing "Black Forest" behind the Cochemer Burg.



The forest floor is covered with foliage and bushes of Woodland and Heki.



I finished the undergrowth by using a mixture of ground foam, bits and pieces of "greenery"

and assorted shreds that had accumulated in the "tree making" box.




I like this one best.  

The natural curve of this trunk makes this specimen a perfect candidate for that cliff side solitary tree...