On this small slab rock wall, nature is taking over. The green foliage is from Woodland.


The red ferns were made out of moss, cut into very small pieces.

White glue, somewhat diluted, fixes it all in place.


The purple flowers are cut of from heath and heather. 

The green bush in the front is covering a saw made cut.


I like this spot because of its photo genetic atmosphere.

Notice the shadow of the firs on top of the ridge.


Even a bunch of Stockroses (Hibiscus Grandiflorus) was made out of them.


Why not have some poppies track side? It's summertime anyway...


Hanging out of the wagons window, a passing by Lauschbube might pick them...


This rock is made out of tree bark.

I didn't go for chalk and stone, since I'll have to keep the layout's weight low.

Nevertheless, it looks like stone to me. I guess...



I added some fine branched trees from Noch/Woodland.

Can you imagine a locomotive passing by with this scene in the background?

I presume, Carl Bellingrodt would appreciate the very spot for his photography.