Die S 3/6 und ihre Haube




The 1988 Märklin Seminar was concluded with a visit to the Märklin Factory at the Stuttgarter Straße 55 in Göppingen.

As a gift of the House Märklin all seminar participants received a hood of the DRG 18 434 coming right out of the mould.

It seems to be a pretty valuable object these days.





This mould was used the first time in 1972 when Märklin released the DB 18 478 (3091/3093).

In 1973 the Bavarian version appeared as K.Bay.Sts.B. 3673 (3092).

Both models had this particular chimney with a collar, the so called Krempenschlott.








A Belgium version - Type 59 - was added in 1982 as a limited edition for Belgium only (LE 1982) and for Benelux (1982-1988) with this brown/black as NMBS/SNCB Nr. 5920 .






For France a limited export edition was released in 1977 (worldwide 1977 - 1983; France: 1977-1988!) with deflectors, but without crown with Nr. 231-981.

This model in ETAT livery, however, was released either with a red or a black frame...


3083 (red frame)


3083 (black frame)


In 1991 a second now truly limited edition followed with colours of the Région Ouest and numbered 231-995.








Based on these models, a tightly upgraded version with new propulsion (*****) in Era 2 livery was released in 1988.




The chimney hood however was separately made for this model.

As a raw part (left), afterwards cut and polished (bottom and top).




Many more models, mostly Era 1, followed with again some upgrading, now concerning the framework.


37182 ~ LE 1996 (Deutschland Tour)


37186 ~ LE 2000 (Royal Blue)


26750 ~ in set with Rheingold coaches


37181 ~ N 1997 (Regular Bavarian livery with straight chimney, still blank gear)


37187 ~ N 2008 (Regular Bavarian livery with straight chimney and now darkened gear)


33181 ~ LE 1997 (Seddin1924)


37185 ~ LE 1998 (München 1908)


And finally in an upgraded DB livery as 37187 in a limited duo set (LE 2008)





But even in this exotic livery, it can't measure with nowadays standards, though.

Nevertheless, it still has a certain charm.




By the way....


These parts belong to the first model of the Württemberg C which was also released in 1988.

This model  ~ Märklin 3511 ~ ran it's first rounds during the Märklin Seminar I visited in Göppingen.

It gave us the feeling of a world première.  


These spare parts - which are not (sic!) separated from an existing model - remind me of a great experience on Märklin factory grounds.




Märklin 3511


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