Model Trains



On the next page you will find information of all models from German Steam Locomotives, 

       ~ with their particular road numbers,

       ~ released by various European factories

       ~ in various scales


For as much as models do exist or were traced by me, they were listed in order of their prototypes.


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A separate Catalogue was made of those models that came before my lens.

Many of these models are from friends and family.

They are taken in a static view and can be found separately in:


The Picture Book



The Models List



* Arnold

* Gützold

* Märklin

* Rivarossi

* Weinert

Legenda ~ or how to use this Models List


* Brawa

* Lemke Collection

* Micro Metakit

* Roco

* Westmodel


* Dingler

* Liliput

* Micro Feinmechanik

* Sachsenmodelle (Tillig)




* Fleischmann

* Lima

* Piko

* Trix