A new cross-over at the Cochemer Station


Ever since I constructed two crossings at the station, one for pedestrians and one for the road traffic,

I thought another crossing, opposite the station front door, was called for.



Nothing gives such a basic feeling of wheels on the track, as when you see them in locations like these.



Now, because of the three rail system it's harder to make a good looking and functional railroad crossing.

"Now, Horst, what d'ya think'f it, eh?!"



The easiest part was this extra step between the platform and the crossing itself.

The planks between the rails had to be cut , filed and planed by hand for a perfect fit.



Here you see the rough shape. The wooden planks have had a first layer of 'Sienna'.

Since these sleepers have no three-rail contact, this was the right spot to locate it.



Now isn't this a lovely station to have your 'Bimmelzug' ease into?





As per Bavarian Railway Rules and Regulations the edges of the crossing are duly marked with a white painted stripe.



The lady won't let her husband lead her across the crossing before this steaming and smutting engine has left the platform.



Here she goes...



And there goes the gentle lady and her spouse.

"Terribly sorry, ma'am, that there ain't no carpet for y'r fancy dress..."



Frits Osterthun ~ March 2008