~ Demolition and Destruction~

Anno Domini 2006


Between 1991 and 2006,

the attic was only good

for storing the kind of stuff

that indeed belong 'out of sight'

in the attic.


But they do no good to a layout

that was getting covered

with more and more dust

when the time past by.


This picture gives an impression

of what it had to be:

an Altstadt right above the station.


Unfortunately, since we both moved

out of the house,

this is what is left of our plans.


It's like "Die Unvollendete..."


Many months of labour...
Many years of pleasure...
Many memories to treasure...



On Saturday February 25th 2006, we demolished the whole layout.


Besides of the rolling stock, all buildings, trees and other paraphernalia were put into boxes

or divided among each other.


Most of the track, especially the Märklin Metal rails were divided among my brothers.

Perhaps their kids could make 'a little round of track' to play with.

Since most of the K-Track was glued, we couldn't use it properly anymore.



I guess that the next pictures will tell their own story.





Helping with cutting the wires...




To make things takes time...  to dismantle minutes. Or even less. It does hurt. Here's my BW (Betriebswerk).





Dust to dust









At the end of this memorable day, this is what's left of it.

It was all thrown into the back yard, and then into the dumpster...





When I visited the house March 11th, there was nothing left but an empty attic with a wall painting.

The only thing I heard was the echo of a past, whispering...







"A Tribute to my Father"

Copyright Frits Osterthun ~ 5.11.2006

A fine response on this subject came out of Spain


Cuando todos estamos en la tarea de construir nuestra maqueta, viendo la página del sr. Osterthun resulta que hay ocasiones en que hay que hacer lo contrario, destruirla.

Tiene que ser triste acabar con una ilusión de tantos años, pero la vida es implacable. La triste crónica en:


Gerardo Rivero,
San Fernando, Cádiz.



Hola a todos, Gerardo

Aunque muchos no lo queramos pensar, bien es cierto que esto nos puede pasar a cualquiera, y si nos ponemos nefastos,

el dia de mañana que haran con nuestras maquetas y nuestra coleccion de trenes?

Todos sabemos que dificil es que alguien de la familia continue con ella, mejor no pensar en estas cosas.
Pero vamos, que si hace falta creamos una fundacion "fundacion LCTM" para la conservacion

y mantenimiento de material Marklin, en la cual se admiten donaciones desinteresadas.

Luis Carlos