~ The Fence ~


Am Arkaden


You all will probably remember the arcade...





Although I liked it just the way it was, I still had in my mind of making a kind of fence.

Since I found a brass set from Heki recently, I thought I could give it a shot now.




The set contains 2 x 39 posts with an upper and lower hole in it. 

The diameter of the piercing matches with the brass wires.





I painted the posts before positioning them.

Since the paint might make the wires thicker, I  decided to paint them afterwards.





I think that 20 mm  is a fine distance between each post.




A fence on the arcade might suit just fine. But the material is too hard to drill. 

Besides, I guess it would break while drilling. So I pierced the soil and used white glue to fix the posts.





A first try out camerashot with a locomotive.

This S 3/6 of all models has protruding steps at the side. 

A simple way to discover if the fence is in a right position.





But then... how to end these wires?

I had a bended end in mind. But you can only bend one.

Otherwise you can't 'embroider' anymore.





I ruined one wire at the first tryout. 

Working between fragile signals and trees isn't that easy...





But I managed al right...

For photographic purpose it's an even finer spot now.





The thin beech tree is also one of my latest creative activities. 

Perhaps it stands too close near the track which might cause a fire...

At least In Bavaria there was the so called obligaten Brandschutzstreifen.





One of my favourites is still the Württemberg C in blue and grey livery.





You see that someone can walk between the engine and the fence. 

Weeds are growing everywhere...





Without words...





A final shot in colour and...





... a historical shot from the past.




A second fence was simultaneously made on the upper track, near the end station. 





This one is shorter. The lower wire is cut away as far as possible.

Still to be painted...





In my opinion, small details like fences lend style to the layout in common...





... and to rolling stock nearby in particular.




My latest purchase, the beautiful Bay. G 4/5 H ~ Nr. 5506



Osterthun Verlag ~ 23.10.2005/22.06.2007