Let there be light...



One of the most important aspects of any lay out is the way

in which light sources are utilised


Sure, it would be nice if there was  constant "day light"  illumination....

There wouldn't be any problems with photography at all.


Since I've never seen anyone "raising" models in a greenhouse,

having constant daylight available is rather the exception. 

Even if the lay out room has windows, light is never where it is needed...


...and who'd be happy with just a lonely, naked bulb? 


This one has been hanging here since we moved in. 

Until last Saturday....



The lonely bulb was replaced by this triple halogen light fixture.

The individual lamps are directed at the models displayed in the show case.


What is really cool are these sets of halogen lights, available at your friendly IKEA store...


The measurements of the room required that two sets be purchased (IKEA Sansa 17796, $ 11.50 per set).


Connecting both sets (insulated!) allowed me to span the room 

so light could be directed where it was needed.


Preparing the wires...

... and fixing them to the wall.


Fixing the halogen bulbs in their sockets is the last thing to do.



...and there was Light.


And behold!

It was (pretty) good.